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Travel (June 8th) by Mylene

This summer, I’d like to take a few days off work for a quick trip to Cornwall, or a weekend bike and camping tour. But this is the new normal, when I’m not sure whether this is safe, or when to book. And what happens in case of any local increase in infections? How would I find out? Would I have to cancel and when? At the time of writing, I do not feel particularly safe staying in B&B’s or hotels, or even on campsites with shared facilities, and can’t imagine myself on a full train, with most trains still operating a very reduced schedule and social distancing. And what if I wanted to go out for a meal in the evening or sit in a coffee shop? At the time of writing, a track and trace system or app is still not operational, and I stopped wondering about testing a long time ago. Even if I could go, I worry that this might not be the relaxing holiday experience I crave. The coronavirus has changed many things, but hopefully just for this year.


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