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A different economy post-COVID 19?(June 15th) by Mylene

One of the worries about the easing of the lockdown is the potential loss of businesses and jobs, which may affect millions of people globally, with a detrimental effect on people’s careers, livelihoods and mental health. However, perhaps there is also a silver lining, an opportunity to rethink some of the production and consumption habits that we developed. For example, how can an economy move away from a society where ownership of products is equated with social status, and towards a more service-oriented, collaborative sharing economy that is also sustainable and promotes equality of wealth and equal access to resources? Or what about the models of basic income now trialled in many countries, which would free up people’s time to set up businesses, care for the elderly, or bring up kids? We need fresh and radical ideas, a grand vision to improve quality of life globally.


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