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Are you human*?

Then you're part of

the public too.


*we also welcome input from furry or scaly friends

Public mental health is about the mental wellbeing of the whole population. Therefore, it's important that public mental health research reflects what matters to everyone in the population – old, young, rich, poor, city dweller, rural resident, LGBTQ+, BAME communities, homeless people, those who are healthy, those who have health problems... We need to look across society and consider individuals, families, communities, and the structural factors that shape and influence public mental health.

We want to know what matters to YOU,

what #IamPublicMentalHealth means to YOU.

We welcome input at any stage of our work on any aspect of public mental health.

Yet, at the present time we are focusing in particular on public perspectives of inequalities and their impact on public mental health.


If you would like to contribute to our research, follow these steps!


Check out the Exploring Inequality page to find out about our current research in Lambeth and Harrow.


Download & read these:

Contact us if you have any questions.


Contact our Senior Peer Researcher and let us know you would like to take part:


You can also contribute to our Covid Life project by submitting an entry. Anyone can participate and any type of expression is welcome: writing, photography, drawing, music, etc.

You can find out more on our Covid Life page. To submit an entry, please send it along with a completed and signed Consent Form to:

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