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My hair (April 24th) by Mylene

The one thing I had been most concerned about since the start of COVID19 is my hair. I had just planned to go to the hairdresser when the crisis hit and the lockdown measures were announced. And now, what? The thought of looking dishevelled in Zoom meetings for work appears to frightened me. But it also makes sense. Hiding behind a presentable look has always been important, so that nobody would notice the real me. When I entered a mental health crisis, I struggled to get help as the only thing that gave it away was that I couldn’t eat. But to every meeting with healthcare professionals, I would still turn up as if everything was totally fine, smartly dressed and my hair in perfect order. Perhaps now is the time to let my hair down, quite literally, and enjoy not getting out of my favourite, old, scruffy-looking tracksuit hoodie for days. Will you join me?


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