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Missing Camden (February 19th 2021) by Gillian

Missing Camden

I couldn’t stop myself. I drove through Camden Town. The huge oak market doors are locked, but the silence is soothing

This place, which I have been drawn to all of my life is extraordinary and there’s nowhere like it

The abundance of colours, textures, odours are unique to its markets. Crafts from across the world, silver jewellery crammed into tray after tray after tray. A treasure trove of delight

Ethnic hippy clothes, musty vintage retro, black silk, leather and lace gothic gear

Wallhangings, bed throws, cushions, hanging lanterns of stained glass, mosaic mirrors, fairy lights, candles, incense, add magic to any space

Dreadlocks, bandanas, mohicans, body piercings, tattoos, ear cuffs. Reggae, rock, punk, guitars, buskers, graffiti art, rage

All offer peace

Thai, Indian, Chinese street food, free tasters, served all day. Crepes, hot chocolate and strong, strong coffee.

Lose myself in Camden and drown me in your glory

Camden, you are resting. I am excited for your return. Please let it be soon

So I can be me


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