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Blended - A Presence in Absence (January 22nd 2021) by Gillian

This abstract artwork began as a single line drawing of my cat Sacha, who passed away on 4th January 2021.

I felt compelled to draw him lying on his side, curled up, croissant like, as he so often was, next to me, on my bed at night; mirroring my shape, as I slept on my side….

so comforting, so cosy…

He was indeed my friend, my companion; during the long and enduring lockdown; so unaffected was he, the home and garden were his life, reminding me of just how little we really need to be content.

It felt natural to offer a second single line drawing of top of the first. The result suggests that he and I are now blended together, curled up in the foetal position, suspended in the comfort of warm waters, representing life before birth.

And yet, ironically, in real life, it demonstrates my sentiment of life after death, as it is now, he and I suspended spiritually together in the eternal universe.

Then just maybe, they are both one and the same…


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