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Healthy Hamsa (May 14th) by Gillian

We are in the midst of a pandemic. The world has been, and still is, to varying degrees, in lockdown. Shielding, social isolation and social distancing have become normal.

Now, seven weeks in, our government is announcing, day by day, week by week, tentative steps to ease the lockdown. The key issue now is one of ‘protection’. We must find ways to venture out, return to work and rebuild the economy safely.

For many this seems a daunting task. Some people are terrified by the prospect of leaving home, of going on public transport.

A sense of unease and anxiety is affecting our population. How can we protect both public mental and physical health?

The Healthy Hamsa Design - Breathe, Balance, Cleanse, Protect

The Hamsa symbol is universally known and recognised. It is an age-old design dating back nearly 2,000 years to ancient Egypt and Iraq.

It is a sacred symbol for many cultures and religions. In spite of various doctrines, the underlying meaning of Hamsa is universally understood and cherished as a symbol of protection.

Designing the Healthy Hamsa felt like a natural and creative way to personally seek protection. My way.

I began by choosing a yoga pose, namely the Tree Pose, which I am familiar with and which is used to promote balance and focus.

This image then ascends towards clean lungs, which radiate energy. The delicate white heather sprouting from each side symbolises protection.

These three images are encased in a Hamsa hand, which is believed to promote health, happiness, good luck and fortune.

I feel reassured when I look at it. I hope that it can offer the same to the viewer.


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