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Designing hope (May 13th) by Mylene

I am still teaching design, and have been doing so throughout the COVID19 crisis. Many of my students on the course have returned to their home countries, everyone scattered around the globe. Some in India, others in China, the UK, other parts of Europe, and the US. One of the most interesting aspects is how the students are responding to the current crisis. For example, how could we address the negative news that we are exposed to on a daily basis? Others discussed a digital solution for the elderly living in social isolation, which is also relevant post-COVID19. Some students thought of how we could design something fun or distracting for people, or how to ensure that we can stay connected with family when living in different countries or across different continents. Even though not every response to a crisis is digital, I hope many of these solutions will be developed, and it gives me hope, that even in midst of a crisis, we can still find innovative solutions that may improve people’s quality of life, even well beyond the COVID19 crisis.


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