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"Delightful news" (May 5th) by Mylene

General news consumption these days are not a good idea and make me feel anxious. I savour those moments of positive and welcome news. Those pieces of news items that make me laugh or smile. I read about two young architects and their dog who bought a decommissioned lifeboat in 2018, refurbished it and went to explore the Arctic circle and the Norwegian fjords with it. The pictures of the article are amazing and you can almost smell the fresh wind and hear the waves. What a wonderful journey. The other news I read about was about pets in prisons and it talked about how training rescue dogs in a rehabilitation programme in California benefited the prisoners in terms of developing trust and responsibility. Due to their own family history of trauma, training the dogs helped with trust and developing emotional literacy. This was such a heart-warming story and highlighted how people who experienced trauma can really benefit from having pets around. There you go, I’m now specifically looking for stories like these and try to make a mental note of them to remind me that it isn’t all doom and gloom.


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