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Covid Cafe (April 4th) by Gillian

I miss cafés

My one little luxury.... gone

Being alone, or meeting a friend

Sitting quietly or chatting excitedly






People watching


The coffee

Rich and smooth

Silky and foamy

Dark and seductive

The coffee cup and saucer

Cool, ceramic

Clean, white

The space

Comfortable and cozy

Stylish and minimalist

Old and rustic

Urban or rural

Shabby chic

A haven amidst the chaos

A retreat away from it all

A break that clears my head

Lifts my mood and keeps me going

I miss cafés SO much....

That I made my home!

So now I go 'out' to my Garden Cafe

Admittedly, I have to serve my own coffee and it doesn't taste as good

And I drink it from a mug, not a cup and saucer

But the sun is out

And my cats purr

And the world seems just a little bit better

Many of us miss aspects of our pre COVID-19 lives

But maybe, with a little imagination, we can simulate, recreate, and in doing so, we may learn that there is a lot of joy in living more simply...


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