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A dignified life (April 28th) by Mylene

Some restrictions implemented due to COVID-19 are starting to be cautiously lifted in some countries. In Germany, a lively debate takes place on the dignity of human life, a value that is regarded as inviolable, and is enshrined in the constitution. But what does it mean, to live in dignity? In the context of COVID-19, it means whether we want to save lives at the expense of a rapidly and significantly failing economy. With the continuation of the lockdown, the risking of lives destroyed through rising levels of unemployment, domestic violence, trauma. People’s right to self-determination and personal freedom continue to be curtailed, an important value that is also included in Germany’s constitution. At the same time, the constitution also specifies that everyone has a right to life and physical integrity. Perhaps a difficult balancing act. But more importantly, what constitutes a dignified life is an important question to ask for the future of all our societies, well beyond the COVID-19 crisis.


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