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Turbulent Times, Us, Empty, Pieces, My Sanctuary and My Prison by Mark

Turbulent times Turbulent times indeed this Spring and in odd contrast to the quiet around. I’m reminded of some survival advice for dealing with being in the jungle: if you fight it, you’ll start to mentally come apart. To make it through you must try to go with the jungle.

Forcing living life as before will likely make things more difficult for me and that flexibility can often be the key to not breaking.


These are tough times for relationships in all sorts of ways. My girlfriend and I have been unable to see one other for months. For us it is just another chapter in what has become a running joke of sorts, just what life has thrown at our relationship during its three years and that it has endured in spite of it all.


As similar days blur into weeks life has tended to feel empty. With life somewhat on pause in many respects and without distractions I thought it would be a good time to complete a Future Authorship programme exercise. I’m procrastinating by telling myself it is a poor time to be making large life decisions.


Recent events have made me reflect on how fragile our way of life and what we have built might really be. Whether the forces come from nature or from conflict between us there will be a lot of pieces to be picked up.

My sanctuary and my prison

As an introvert, I like time at home since this is where I feel most comfortable and free to be myself. This much time here alone though is a stark reminder to me that this sanctuary of sorts can turn into an oppressive prison if I let it and I must always work to engage with the world.


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