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Summer Beauty by Anonymous

For those of us lucky enough to have a garden, it has been a source of great pleasure during the last three to four months of almost near incarceration.

I think the idea of collecting works from people is splendid as it gives many, especially the elderly and those living alone, a focus.

My photographs were principally shot in the garden with only a few indoors when the light inside seemed particularly wonderful.

They were taken with a 36mm extension tube attached to either a 50mm fixed lens or a 55mm-200mm telephoto lens on a Nikon D850 digital single lens reflex camera.

They were all hand-held which is not the best for such close-up photography (a tripod helps) so one or two may be out of focus but the abstract nature of the images, especially the rhododendrons, can be very pleasant.

I just thought that those experiencing anxiety or stress at this time, would benefit from these calming images of nature.


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