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Never Give Up by Sara H

Photography and artwork have helped me to get through the last 4 months, which have been the most difficult time in my whole life due to some sad experiences I have had.

My Dad passed away at the end of March due to non-COVID-19 related illness and I found myself lost, not knowing how to move on. Thankfully I could fly out and say goodbye, but it has broken my heart that I was not able to go back again to be with my mum and brothers or to see my sister here in London. Grieving on my own was not easy.

I am grateful for having a great husband, who helped me to go through a tough time. He made me realise that I had to use my passion for art & photography to keep mentally fit and not to fall into depression.

Everyone is suffering in their own way from the lockdown and the current situation, but we have to find a way to move forward and see the beauty of life again, even if the beauty is not as shiny as it used to be.

We should never give up; we should be grateful for all the good things we still have in our lives. Those of you who find it difficult to cope with the current situation, find your passion, use it, and you will feel great again.

Keep safe and be positive.


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