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Lilac & In The Middle by Rosalie Ajzensztejn

I wanted to celebrate the 80th birthday of someone close to me but due to lockdown was of course unable to.

Rather than sending flowers or a card I wanted something more personal so I wrote these poems.

During lockdown, though isolated, I feel that I am among the most fortunate as although living alone, I have no mortgage and have a garden to enjoy, unlike young parents who are juggling working at home with homeschooling their children or, as I call it, being in the middle supporting adolescent or older children on one side and worrying about elderly parents on the other.

I have always found solace in nature so I chose the subject of a lilac tree in bloom enjoying watching the insect activity around it as well as its beauty and scent.

To find out more about Rosalie's work in parent counselling:


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