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King Kovid And The Great Invasion by Anat Shabi

As an ex-pharmacist, watching the spread of COVID-19 in the UK, I was concerned about how little communication was aimed at kids. Mindful that kids were going to be active spreaders of the virus, I wrote a fun, educational book "King Kovid and the great invasion" to engage kids and show them how to help reduce the spread of infection.

Since illustrating a book takes a long time, I had a group of kids send me their impressions of their favourite scenes with the promise of featuring them in the finished book. This was not only engaging but enabled parents and kids to talk about COVID-19, share their feelings and reduce their fear.

To help bring the story to life, I had two talented voice coaches narrate it, Mike Rogers and Jools Montague. In addition, inspired by the project and the children's drawings, the animator Carla Mackinnon offered to work on the design for the book cover. Finally, across the oceans in the USA, piecing everything together and editing an engaging video clip, was Alex Glover, a talented student of Bachelor of Fine Arts in filmmaking.

What started as a fun educational service for parents and kids, became a global project. The many hours of scientific research and creativity stretched and stimulated all those involved. During a stressful period in our lives the sense of working together for the benefit of others helped improve our own wellbeing.

The complete book clip is available free on my website (, where kids are encouraged to draw their own impressions and upload them to our gallery. By enabling a greater understanding of COVID-19, I hope that both adults and children can become less fearful and together discuss ways to help prevent the spread of the virus.


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