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Doodle Art by Sheelam Nannar

Poppies - to commemorate the brave who fought for

us in the war

Mandalas (above & below) - representing life as

never ending; everything is connected

Autumn Festivals - representing Diwali, Halloween

and Thanksgiving

Meadow Flowers - representing the lovely summer we

had this year

At first, I was scared for all, especially my loved ones, as they were still going about with their normal duties. Looking back, we all managed to find ways of handling the important things in our lives:

  • We spent more time meeting in the back garden and enjoying the weather

  • Going for long walks and discovering new places in the UK

  • Enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner with my son, as he now works from home

  • Discovering Doodle Art, which allowed me to focus and develop a passion for creativity

My meditation has really helped me to get through these intense times; a simpler, less hectic life, allowing me to enjoy the essence of life. I have lost nothing but have gained so much during these times. As the saying goes: ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’


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