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Artwork by Phill Hughes

I find inspiration in every day life for my art work. Being a hairdresser, my job enables me to interact with all different walks of life that come from different backgrounds which means they all have individual life experiences which they share with me. I also get inspired by fine line work within pictures, it makes me appreciate the finer detailing of another artists work. My style as an individual tends to sway towards fantasy and wildlife. Animals as a whole intrigue me, which inspires me to use mandala style within my work.

Mental health has always been something close to my heart as it’s always been something I’ve had to tackle whether it be myself or close friends and family. My emotional well-being was effected during lockdown with living by myself which meant I was alone for almost 4 months. My artwork gave me a focus and made me feel that I had a sense of purpose in life. I challenge myself with my artwork in the hope that it will inspire others.


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