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Artist in Isolation by Abi Joy Samuel

Who are you?

Now that you are being told you have to be alone. You are left with no choice but to look in the mirror, a mirror covered in dust, and maybe even a few cracks. Human imperfection is only beautiful when you are willing to face up to it. Are you real?

The sculpture in this piece looks solemnly into the distance, with a gentle light gracing her face. The lack of colour reflects the dark nature of the piece which encourages the viewer to ask ‘Who am I?’.The crackling effect applied by pouring white spirit over the top, symbolises the temporary nature of the ego, and the hauntings of our past which if un-addressed, will remain a part of us forever.

‘Artist In Isolation’

Oil on paper

14.8cm x 21cm

+44 (7753) 315982

“A Little Madness is Key”.


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