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Addicted by Ruqaiyah Sayoud

I am a photography student who had spent many days indoors thinking up different ideas or techniques that I could use to express myself, drawing on the resources that I had. Admittedly, I found it quite frustrating and my inspiration/creativity was greatly lacking.

However, with these photos, I had a simple idea in mind:

Since London was constantly having ‘tier restrictions’ lifted and then placed again, I spent most of my days indoors, on my laptop, watching TV shows or scrolling aimlessly on Instagram.

This had a bad impact on my creative ability, as I would place all of my boredom onto spending the whole day on the internet. As a result, I took a close up photograph of my eye to imply how my eyes are 'glued' to the screen and how I am unable to look away.

The other photo aims to show how my attention is solely focused onto the screen in front of me, and that I am uninterested in anything else.

I think that applying my creativity to photography is quite rewarding and fulfilling. Once I complete an idea, it greatly helps in aiding my state of mind, as I find it to be a healthy 'distraction' from the pandemic. My attention is completely focussed on the project and its subject. I research and compare until I'm satisfied that I have enough context to illustrate my own ideas.

Both photographs were inspired by the opportunity presented to me by the Brandon Centre,Young People’s Project ‘Multiple worlds - My Life Online and Offline’


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