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A Pavement Mural by Jeremy

We live very close to Hampstead Heath, and during lockdown we saw an increased number of individual people walk down our street on the way to the Heath, taking their daily exercise. Each person came down our road with their individual worries and fears.

We were motivated to try and reach out to the public as a whole and relieve them of some of their fears. We were looking to create a focal point for people that could, for a few minutes, bring a smile to their faces.

The VE Day celebrations, muted though they were, were the opportunity that we had to get people to connect to something that had previously shown the power of solidarity, commitment, and that in the end, things work out.

By no means are we professional artists, and we were aiming, in our amateur effort, to show that we can all reach up and out of ourselves, learn new skills, and focus on the bright optimism that history teaches us, even in its darkest moments.


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