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Back on my bike by Vanessa Pinfold

Back on my bike

How far can I walk today?

Processing zoom packed meetings and information overload of daily statistics in local parks

How can I care for my staff, family and friends remotely?

Thinking about the new ‘me’ and the old self receding

We all adapted to Covid, somehow

A much longer journey than anyone realised at first

We found our work arounds at home to share personal, employment and education spaces

My daily escape – a plod in a green open space

Feeling sad but not entirely knowing how to address

Overwhelmed but still going forwards

Feeling positive of the time its given with my kids

Adjusting to not seeing many others

I found that Sunday was the return of my thirst for the bike

After two years of inaction, while everyone seemed to be peddling but me

I could only walk - slowly

But no, my beautiful bike beckoned me

So many people have been adversely affected by Covid

We all remain in limbo but some signs of ordinariness are also returning

So many alongside will be feeling loss in a world full of displacement – take Afghanistan

I must balance the joy of freedom on my bike with a wider reality check

For too many there is no escape from poverty, adversity, inequality

We live side by side but experience so many things differently

For myself leading a charity I look around for support from staff to make small progress

Finding solace in activity; taking note of surrounds as I try to move forwards - slowly

I hope, always I, he, she, they, we keep hope…

So that also means for me, back on my bike again soon.


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